Integral Components Of A College Research Paper Proposal

The proposal for a research paper in college is capable of having several components. You should consult with your supervisor in order to understand which aspects of the paper are necessary and focus on them. Writing a paper becomes easy if you maintain all these components in your paper and effectively focus on the subject matter.

List of components in a research paper proposal

  • The first component you need to include in your proposal is a cover sheet. This page makes a summary of the main information and follows the institution guidelines.
  • The next part of the proposal must include a table of contents where every section of the proposal is listed along with their related page numbers.
  • You should create a summary or abstract that frames your proposal and as it is a highlight of the major points, it is usually standalone. This part must be written in lay terms and should briefly describe the procedures and aims of the project.
  • The next part involves writing a program description or a statement of work. This includes the proposed study and signifies its importance along with the methodology to be used. You should keep the audience for your proposal in mind. No jargon should be used and the proposal should be written in a way that readily allows the reviewer to understand and explain the topic being proposed.
  • The next portion is a biographical sketch that is a must if you are a senior person. The section needs to come with specific instructions on the sort of information that must be provided along with clear page limitations.
  • You have to include a references cited and bibliography section in your proposal. Make sure you know the format first and the citations for literature needs to be complete.
  • When you are writing the budget and the budget justification in the proposal, know that this contains the rough costs for the whole period. The cost of the study needs to be allocable, consistent and reasonable. Every expense needs to be justified and you should pay attention to the justification for administrative and clerical expenses.
  • You should include a facilities and environment section that explains the attributes of the facilities as well as the equipment available for supporting the project.
  • The list of all the key personnel involved in the study as well as their respective roles should be disclosed as these individuals are instrumental to the technical execution of the overall project.

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