How To Come Up With Research Paper Topics That Are Interesting: Tips & Tricks

When you are going to write a research paper you will know that the most difficult step is selecting a topic to work on. There are so many different possibilities that you can get carried away. The topic has to be completely original and one hundred percent unique. You cannot write on something that has already been done before by other scholars. The paper must be a valuable contribution to your field of study. Students will read your paper in future for reference so you simply cannot write on something that is not fresh and out of the box. Here are a few tips that will help you make up your mind and come up with something that is interesting and unique at the same time.

Helpful suggestions on selecting the topic

  • The first and easiest thing that you can do is select an already popular topic and then work on it to come up with something that is completely new. You will have to write in a different perspective and explore the topic in whole new angels. This is the easiest way to make an already popular topic more interesting. And you also keep it unique by inventing new angels and ways to explore the subject.
  • You can also select an incomplete research or a paper which never proved the hypothesis. You will have to write on those same topics but you will have to further study and come up with more branches of the hypothesis and different interpretation of what the previous scholar tried to do.
  • You will have to read a lot of different books on the subject top come up with new ideas. Once you get a new and unique idea, work on it to create a strong and impressive paper.
  • There are many different forums and threads where people discuss all sorts of subjects. Depending on the subject you are studying, go to some of these forums. The people who are member often discuss different concepts that may be of interest. You can work on one of these stray ideas and come up with something completely new and unique.
  • There are websites which will write your paper for you for a decent amount of money. You do not have to hire their service but ask them to give you an interesting topic to work on.

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