Finding great 5-paragraph research paper example

There is no one who was born perfect and while growing up, we strive for perfection. To be perfect, we have to learn and one way of learning is through the experiences of others. One great way of learning how to compose your own prize winning research paper is through reading other peoples samples and getting to know how their experience was like and what should have been done differently for them to have scored marks. Once you go through a sample, you will get charged up and have the confidence to craft one of your own. If you want to find a great example of a research paper body paragraph, here is what it should contain.

  • A topic
    A great research paper should be able to have a topic. You however are required to come up with a topic of your own. The given topic should be brief at least not more than fifteen words. A long topic can make you to be deducted marks. The given topic should be able to reflect what is written in the subsequent parts. If you write something out of the topic, marks for relevancy are deducted.
  • The abstract
    A perfect research paper sample should have an abstract. You may e probably scratching your head while asking yourself this question. What on earth is an abstract? Here is the answer. An abstract is a brief summary of about 1000 to 1500 words of the whole paper. A good abstracts should be able to have the goals of carrying out research, the results gotten from research and the conclusions. As much as it comes first, the abstract is always the last part of your paper to be written.
  • Introduction
    Just as the name suggests, this is the first part that gives the reader a clue of what you have written. It serves tree man purposes. One of them is as a hook. Someone going through your introduction should be left with the desire this is e to know what follows. The only way to achieve this is by making it as interesting as possible. The introduction also holds the research question. The thesis statement will then occupy the last line and it answers the research question.
  • The results and the body
    This is where you prove your points using raw data and figures. In each body paragraph for research paper, explain your ideas intensively and you can also use graphs and tables ton illustrate your data.

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