Interesting Ideas For Writing A Research Paper On Marriage In Islam

Increasingly in the 21st century, Islam is a topic that is discussed both on the news and in general in society. Furthermore, it is a central topic for many politicians. Ultimately, most people will be focusing on radical Islam; however, there are many aspects of the religion that may not necessarily be widely known about, including details of marriages in Islam. As a result, you might find it interesting to write a research paper based around this topic.

Having said that, you may still wish to try and make a controversial in some way, not least because controversial essays are generally more interesting than safe, conservative ones.

Of course, if you intend to interview any Muslims about marriage in Islam, it is important that you bear in mind any sensitivities that people may have in relation to their faith. Ultimately, you should carry out any surveys or questionnaires as ethically it is possible, whilst also avoiding causing any unnecessary offense.

If you are still struggling to think of any suitable topic that you might be up to use for this particular kind of paper, then you might find it interesting to read through some of the ideas listed below. Of course, not only can you use the ideas as they are, but you may wish to adapt them, particularly if one has inspired you to think of a really good idea of your own.

  1. Compare and contrast the religious ceremonies used in an Islamic marriage compared to those of other religions, such as Judaism and Christianity
  2. An analysis of the minimum age at which people can get married in Islamic countries around the world
  3. How prevalent or false marriages within the Islamic community?
  4. An analysis of the role of men and women in Islamic marriages
  5. How have Islamic marriages changed over the past century?
  6. The similarities and differences of marriages in Islam in countries around the world
  7. How important is the concept of love as the basis of marriage in Islam?
  8. Should Islamic marriages be recognized in countries that officially follow other religions?
  9. What problems can be caused by marriage in Islam in countries where the religion is in the minority?
  10. In relation to conversion and other requirements, how do non-Muslims get married with those from the Islamic faith?

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